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Mondo Medical's success is rooted in the experience and hard work of its sales force. The sales representatives hired by Mondo Medical are some of the best and most experienced that the industry has to offer. Our representatives have years of experience and have established personal relationships with numerous doctors and their staff. With an ever-increasing regulatory environment in medical sales, these relationships are key in order to get your product before doctors, their staff, and purchasing agents for hospitals and companies. Mondo Medical provides your company with qualified sales representatives that know how to be effective in an atmosphere that is continually being regulated by Federal and State governments. If you are a company that wants to improve your sales, increase revenue and grow your company, then Mondo Medical is your answer. We understand your needs and the industry, but most importantly we love what we do and thrive off getting you results.

Medical Consultants with wide Networks & Key Relationships

Clint Merrell, CEO

If your business consists of pharmaceuticals, medical software, medical devices, or any other type of product that is directly marketed to health care professionals, we are your solution. One of our most valuable intangibles that we bring to your company is our strong connections and relationships to doctors and other health care providers. Our sales representatives have years of experience. With this experience comes professional relationships with doctors, health care professionals, and their staff. In short, our representatives have the ability to get your product before doctors and health care professionals in order to help your business grow.

Before our sales representatives go to meet with doctors and other health care providers, they study your product in every way possible. This way, when they go to meet with doctors and other health care providers, they will have the information and the knowledge to answer the hard questions. This training and preparation is what makes our sales representatives better than the other companies out there. With our experience, strong business relationships with health care providers and doctors, we know how to take your sales to the next level and grow your company.

Our sales force is currently focusing on marketing compounded medications, intersoloution dependency testing, and other medical tests.

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Mondo Medical is always looking for highly motivated and professional sales representatives. If you would like to become a part of the Mondo Medical Marketing team, please fill out the following form and attach your resume. If you meet our qualifications, we will contact you in the near future to advance you in our hiring process.

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